Communication with parents

Communication with parents 2017-04-25T14:41:14+00:00

We believe that it is very important for the school to communicate directly with the parents of each international student.

We shall, therefore, send a brief report every four weeks to let parents know the latest marks for achievement and effort, as well as anything else of interest. These communications will be made in the language of the parents’ choice.

Parents are welcome to contact the school at any time.

The Cultural

We know that learning English quickly makes a big difference to students; we also know that such learning needs to be intentional. Just expecting the students to pick up the language by being in Vancouver does not work. So, we organize a regular program of cultural activities for all our international students. This includes visits to the theatre, movies, concerts, art shows etc., with opportunities for discussion, vocabulary enhancement and greater cultural understanding.

English Language Learning

We have English Language Learning consultants who ensure that all our teachers understand the particular challenges faced by English Language Learners and are sensitive to them in their teaching. They also organize specific learning activities, too, to accelerate the learning of our ELL student and they often participate in the cultural activities.

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