FYP (K-4)

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The Foundation Years Program (FYP) comprises Grades K-4

This is a teacher-managed Program that concentrates, in a warm, engaging atmosphere, on ensuring the students develop very strong, secure, foundation skills, particularly in English and Math. To assist in these areas, we use well-tested, proven programs. In English we use Adrienne Gear’s ‘Reading Power’ and ‘Writing Power’, while in Math we use the Singapore Math program.

We teach modern languages using the Accelerated Integrated Method (AIM). Students also enjoy PE, Music, Art, Science, and Social Studies.

Teaching is engaging, interactive and thematic. Field trips are strongly encouraged.

Each class has a Homeroom Teacher who is responsible for the overall program and the pastoral care of the students.

We aim for class sizes of 15, though the vagaries of enrolment make it impossible to guarantee this exact number. We can guarantee small, however!

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