MYP (5-9)

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The Middle Years Program (MYP) comprises Grades 5-9

The curriculum here is arranged to allow students to proceed unconstrained by such artificial barriers as age and ‘grade level’. Each student belongs both to a homeroom and to a cross-graded house team of about ten students led by teachers whose responsibility is to manage the program and progress of each student. In this program, our guarantee that every student is to be known, valued and understood, is crucial, for the individual tailoring of a program to meet each student’s needs fully relies on it. Curricular elements are often arranged around themes as we strive to demonstrate the inter-connectedness of learning, and collaborative work is normal. The BC curriculum for these grades, which we enrich, covers English, Math, Science, Social Studies, Languages (French and Spanish), Physical Education, IT, and Arts (Art and Music).

The facilities in the city allow us to provide much enrichment, especially in our PE program which includes swimming, cycling, cardio-fitness, martial arts, tennis, field sports and dance.

There are two Alternative Program Weeks per year, one residential, where the classroom is abandoned in favour of authentic learning in another location.

Throughout all studies we emphasize the importance of reading, writing, speaking and listening, each increasingly important to success in our collaborative world.

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