Our Advantages

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We believe we have some important advantages which, taken together, make us unique.

Please consider the following:

We believe all children can learn well

We teach children the way they learn. Not all learn the same way so we ensure that we know, value and understand each of our students.

We have open entry. We believe all students are capable of gaining admission to, and succeeding in, university, providing they are willing to work hard. We are an inclusive school. The only reasons we would reject a student application would be full enrollment or our inability to offer what the student needs –a very rare event. Our open entry policy does not lead to any reduction in expectations of eventual outcomes

Our teaching and learning is ‘bespoke’ –customized to the individual student
Our fees represent extraordinarily good value

Our fees are as reasonable as we can make them –and considerably lower than BC’s other outstanding schools. And the fees are what you pay. You will not be assailed by requests for funds –we do no fundraising. We are, of course, happy to accept donations to support our work, but we never solicit them, nor do we publicly acknowledge donors.

learning commons

We have a strong global perspective

Our network of partner schools allows our students and teachers to learn in China, Australia, South Africa, New Zealand, United Kingdom and Nigeria for little more than the cost of the airfare.

We report student progress to parents every fourth week

Parents are important partners who need to be always current on the progress of their children. In addition to regular reports, teachers and school leaders are readily available for consultation when requested.

We run several Parent Academies each year to discuss programs, plans and processes.

parent student teacher meeting

We greatly enrich the Ministry of Education’s mandated program

We run a SuperCurriculum program for Grades K-9 that runs until 5.45 daily. There is no extra charge for registration. (The Miniversity operates until 5.45 daily.)

Super curriculum playdough
super curriculum lego
We offer specialist preparation for University

We offer a specialist program called ‘University Track’ which provides comprehensive coverage of matters that inform decisions about University entry. The program includes regular visits from University Admissions Officers, detailed guidance on application procedures, exploratory visits to Universities both local and distant, enriched mini courses to establish a scholarly mindset, and the permanent services of specialist Transitions Advisers.

We care for the whole child

In addition to the curriculum, pastoral care is of high importance to us.

All students have a Homeroom Teacher (Grades K-4), a Homeroom Teacher and a House Leader (Grades 5-9) or a Tutor (Miniversity) to oversee their pastoral care.

International students benefit from the services and care of our International Dean.

student in classroom

Our Miniversity (Grade 10-12) is High School completely re-imagined and unique. Yes, we mean unique. You need to see it to believe it.