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We welcome you warmly to the website of The Westside Schools.

In the pages that follow, we have tried to give you not only information but flavour, too, so please linger a while.

If your interest grows as you read, you may decide to visit us. We hope you do, for then we can really show you The Westside Difference!

One visitor to our Beatty campus described our school as a mixture of The New York Times and The Magic Kingdom! We took that as a great compliment, though we recognize that such a description may send stalwart traditionalists harrumphing to the nearest pharmacy for a calming tincture!

Here we learn, with energy, determination, engagement, and joy, using the city as our campus. Here every child is known, valued and understood by teachers whose dedication is palpable and whose skills are continuously enhanced through a well-funded program of professional growth.

We are truly a school like no other.

Please enjoy your visit to this site –and if it leads you to visit us in person, we shall be doubly delighted.

Graham Baldwin

President & Chief Executive Officer