Why We Exist

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Our school was created to pursue a bold vision and meet audacious goals as follows:


The Westside School will re-imagine learning for a changing world, be a place of happy excellence, a leader in learning, and an inspiration to educators everywhere. From an open entry, all our students will flourish and succeed, so that when they graduate, they will have qualified for university and be ready for life. They will have a choice of futures, the integrity to choose the right one, the work ethic to create the path to the future they choose, and the support of their school forever.


Our mission is to be a pre-eminent school in Canada and the world. We shall develop and share an inquiry-based approach to education that fosters creativity, promotes academic excellence, nurtures human relationships and inspires a growing passion for learning.

We aim to be a physically and psychologically safe learning community of creative, joyful, passionate learners who engage in courageous and innovative thinking. We aim to develop the professional capabilities of our teachers to enable the best learning in our students. We expect our students to work hard and to participate in a wide range of activities. We expect them to become academically capable, artistically aware, athletically adept, and personally responsible. We will create and nurture the conditions for our students to develop an understanding of their world and how it works; of themselves, their capabilities, and their aptitudes; and of the way to lead a productive, happy life.


The ideals defined in the school’s mission statement are achieved by:
 Maintaining an environment of respect, tolerance and truthfulness;
 Providing a full range of academic courses preparing students for success in higher education and life;
 Providing structured athletics and a vibrant fine-arts program where appreciation, participation and skills development are accomplished;
 Providing opportunities for leadership and character development involving the whole person: body, mind and spirit;
 Promoting a community spirit and civic responsibility that stretches beyond the personal to include a global perspective and understanding;
 Providing a system of behaviour management that is positive and responsible, teaching the art of self-discipline;
 Establishing an effective system of communication within the school and with each of the school’s constituents;
 Providing each student a range of extra-mural experiences that will contribute to their personal development, academic enrichment, civic awareness and appreciation of their environment.

By achieving our goals, we shall graduate students who:
 Will have learned how to learn.
 Will have learned how to enjoy learning and be passionate about it.
 Will have the skills and knowledge necessary to gain entrance to university, to succeed there, and to succeed in life.
 Will possess discernment and judgement through the practice of critical thinking.
 Will be well-rounded through the study of a rigorous, balanced curriculum that will include: Academics, Fine and Performing Arts, Athletics, to include individual health and fitness, introduction to ‘life’ sports, and team games, and Life skills.
 Will be accomplished communicators in many media.
 Will be aware of self – of personal qualities and traits, of learning style, of strengths and weaknesses – sufficiently well to create a sound ‘vision for life’.
 Will be moral and ethical people.
 Will understand the nature of citizenship in a democratic society and be good citizens.
 Will be prepared well for global citizenship.
 Will have a strong, disciplined work ethic and understand the power of effort and perseverance.

 Will be confident, with a sound, strong sense of self-esteem and self-worth, developed through authentic achievement.
 Will have exemplary inter-personal skills.
 Will have developed a global perspective through study of language and culture, travel, service, and so understand they are custodians of the world.
 Will have studied personal cultural underpinnings and those of others.
 Will have often witnessed exemplary modelling of desired characteristics: e.g. Musicians, leaders, artists, professors, and inventors.
 Will have studied and practised leadership.
 Will understand the nature of community and friendship and be rich in both.
 Will feel a strong affiliation to The Westside School.
 Will be completely ready for the next stage of life.