Foundation Years Program

A Place for Happy Excellence

Engaging Atmosphere

This is a teacher-managed program that concentrates on creating a warm, engaging atmosphere where your child is truly cared about.

Through this program, we ensure all students develop strong foundation skills, particularly in English and Math.

To assist in these areas, Westside teachers use well-tested, proven programs. In English, we use Adrienne Gear’s ‘Reading Power’ and ‘Writing Power,’ while in Math, we use the Singapore Math program.

Students also enjoy PE, Music, Art, Science, and Social Studies.

Teaching is engaging, interactive, and thematic.

Field trips are strongly encouraged, and students participate in a wide array of experiences above and beyond the basic Ministry of Education curriculum.

Each class has a Homeroom Teacher who is responsible for the overall program and the pastoral care of the students.


Class sizes are kept small to ensure that no student gets lost or is left behind.

With large class sizes it’s common for students to fly under the radar and not receive the individual attention they require to excel at school.

We aim for class sizes of 15, up to a maximum of 16 students per teacher. These small class sizes allow for exceptional individual attention for every single student.


Our goal is for all Westside students to gain a love of learning.

Going to school should be something students look forward to every day. Learning should never be a chore. Teachers at Westside create engaging and interactive lessons which build foundational skills and exceed the BC curriculum, while also resulting in happy learners.

At Westside, we’re always looking for students to achieve “Happy Excellence.”

Students learn more effectively when they’re happy. The small class sizes combined with excellent teachers and a wide range of experiential learning trips, means students are excited to come to school every single day.