Hot Lunch Program

Catering & Hot Lunches 2019-2020

Foodeaze by Foodie Kids

We are pleased to be introducing a new hot lunch food provider for 2019/2020, Foodie Kids. Foodie Kids has been in business since 2013 and was started out of the desire from a school parent to have healthier and fresher options available to the school. Since then, the company has grown to serve more than 80 schools with up to 3000 orders per day. Ordering is easy and online.

The cut-off time for all Foodeze Orders for the week is the PREVIOUS Wednesday at 11:30pm.
The web site will automatically cut off access at that time. There are no exceptions.

Cancellations are possible until Wednesday, 4PM for any orders for the following week.
Please send an email to with the Name of the Child, School, Division and the exact items you wish to cancel. If we don’t receive the correct information, we can not cancel the order. We will refund your money for the cancelled order through PayPal. Any cancellations for any reason past the cut-off are, unfortunately, not possible and there are no exceptions.

BomEH Kitchen - Only Available Tues, Thurs, Fri

This option starts on September 10th.
BomEh serves lunch boxes on Tuesdays, two kinds of sandwiches on Fridays, and treats on Thursdays. 

If you have more than one child in school, you’ll need to create an account for each student.

The cut-off time for all orders for the week is the previous Wednesday at noon.

PAC Representative for Hot Lunch

The Parent Advisory Committee (PAC) Hot Lunch Program Committee Chairperson is Kristin Hilts.

For questions and inquiries, you can contact her at

Extra Info for Foodeaze Users


  1. Go to the site at

  2. Click on the ‘Create Account’ link at the top right-hand corner.

  3. Enter the required information making sure your email address is correct.

  4. You will be sent a verification email link to verify your email address

    (Please note that this email will likely go to your spam folder and it may take a while to get it. This is not due to a fault of our web site but due to the multiple spam and security filters that are set up by third parties).

  5. After you have clicked the link in the email, you have been registered and are automatically logged in.

  6. When you are on your profile page click on ‘Book Order’ on the right-side menu.

  7. You will be prompted to add a child before you can continue. You can add one or more children to your profile.

  8. Please enter the name of the child.

  9. Select the school the child attends – type in the first few letters of the school and it will appear.

  10. Once you have selected the school, the available grades will appear, select the correct grade for the child you are adding.

IMPORTANT NOTE: It is vital that you select the correct Grade or Division to make sure your child gets their lunch. gets this information from the school and does not know which Grades or Division your child is in. The information that you select is the information that will be on the label. If this is wrong, your child may not received their lunch.


  1. A ‘Book Order’ button will appear next to the child’s name.

  2. To begin placing an order, click on the Book Order button.

  3. You will be directed to the menu page where it will prompt you to select the dates you wish to order for.

  4. The highlighted dates (bold) are available dates for ordering from the school that the child attends. These dates are determined by the school.

  5. You can select one or more dates at the same time.

  6. Click on ‘Select Date’ under the calendar after you have made your date selection.

  7. You will now be presented with the menu.

  8. Only those items that are available for the dates you have selected will be presented.

  9. To narrow down your search, use the filter option shown as ‘CLICK FOR CATEGORIES’ at the top of the screen to display only those items from a certain category.

  10. Under each menu item you will see an ‘Add to Cart’ button for each date you have selected i f the menu item is available for that date.

  11. Click on the ‘Add to Cart’ button for the date you wish to add the menu item.

  12. The button will change colour and it will indicate that you have added that menu item to your cart for that date.

  13. If you wish to add another of the same menu item for that same date, simply click the button again and one more of the same menu item will be added to the shopping cart (the quantity of the menu item you have added to the cart will appear next to the shopping cart icon on the button).

  14. A running total is displayed on the right side of the screen on desktops only. On your mobile device you would have to go to the ‘CART’ page to review your order.

  15. If you made a mistake and want to reduce the quantity of the menu item, you can do so in the shopping cart overview page.

  16. You can go to the shopping cart overview by clicking on the ‘Cart’ link at the top right-hand corner of the page.

  17. If there are more than 10 menu items available based on your dates and filter criteria, the page will show only 10 menu items at a time. At the bottom of the page there are navigation buttons for you to go to subsequent pages of available menu items.

*TIP: Use the category filtering option at the top of the screen to narrow down the menu items. It is a very handy way to find what you are looking for.