International Students

At Westside, we welcome the world!

The school assists in English language development with specific programs designed for acceleration. We are proud of our multicultural student body and of our location in Vancouver, a diverse and welcoming city.


International students live either with their own parent or with one of our homestay families.

The reason we insist on this is that we wish to control the quality of care provided by the homestay families.

We need to know that our students are cared for properly by their homestay families, thus our strong quality control.

For international students, we provide a dedicated Dean whose sole concern is their welfare. Westside accommodates international students in homes inspected and approved by the Dean.

Communication with Parents

We believe that it is important for the school to communicate directly with the parents of each international student.

We send a brief report every four weeks to let parents know the latest student updates, marks, and achievements. These communications will be made in the language of the parents’ choice.

Parents are welcome to contact the school at any time.


We know that learning English quickly makes a big difference to students.

We also know that such learning must be intentional. Just expecting the students to pick up the language by being in Vancouver does not work. Westside organizes a regular program of cultural activities for all our international students. This includes visits to the theatre, movies, concerts, art shows, etc., with opportunities for discussion, vocabulary enhancement, and greater cultural understanding.

English Language Learning

We have English Language Learning consultants who ensure that all our teachers understand the particular challenges faced by English Language Learners and are sensitive to them in their teaching. They also organize specific learning activities to accelerate the learning of our ELL student.

Dean of International Studies

Anne O'Halloran, International Dean

Anne O’Halloran


Westside’s Dean of International Students is Anne O’Halloran. Anne, herself the mother of two teenage children, is responsible for homestay placement, cultural activities, and pastoral care.

We recognize that where our international students live is very important. This is why Anne knows all the host families personally, maintains regular personal contact with them, and constantly monitors student satisfaction.

Anne also keeps in close touch with teachers to monitor the effort, attitude and progress of the international students.

Anne is the school’s main point of contact for the parents of international students and can access assistance in any language as necessary.

Help & Advice

Anne is available to provide students with help and advice. In addition to providing local knowledge, advice about programs and procedures, Mrs. O’Halloran provides students with support if they’re dealing with personal issues or concerns.

The Dean of International Students can arrange, where necessary, for the students to be able to speak to a responsible adult in their own first language.