KEY Program

Foundation Years KEY Program

We believe that all children can learn well, though not all in the same way.

For some children, trying to succeed without special consideration is a phenomenally difficult task.

Our KEY Program is designed to provide high-quality education to a wide range of students. With its specialist teachers and therapists, the KEY Program helps students who learn differently to achieve success from Foundation Years all the way through to the Miniversity.

Westside’s teachers create an environment of support for individualized learning with evidence-based targeted interventions that complement unique learning styles.

Teachers provide support if students experience learning challenges in some areas of the curriculum (e.g. literacy, numeracy, etc.) helping them to focus on a recommended pathway to academic success.

Our KEY program is small and priority is given to students who already have siblings in the school.

We are willing, however, to consider all children that we have the capacity to help.