Communication Survey 2019

Communication Survey at Westside.png

Thank you for your feedback!

Participation in The Westside Communication Survey was excellent. 140 community members shared their thoughts. We'll be taking your feedback into consideration as we tweak our communication over the next few months, and while working on our communication plan for next school year. The goal is to continue improving and to ensure that communication is transparent, effective, and timely.

We're grateful for all the wonderful supportive comments as well as the constructive criticism that illuminated areas for improvement. Thanks for being a part of the Westside Community!

Key Takeaways:

  • Email is the preferred method of communication.

  • Some community members would like to be able to opt-out of specific topics in order to receive less email.

  • The ideal number of emails per week is about 1 to 2 with over 30% of parents wanting "as much communication as possible."

  • As long as we're working towards making everyone's life easier, we're working in the right direction!

P.S. If you want some nitty-gritty details, click the button below to view the survey results.