Learning the Art of Cursive

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Mrs. Jones' Grade 3 Class Learns Letter Writing

"I asked for a boy!" exclaims one student. 
His disappointment in "getting a girl" doesn't last long though as he begins to read the handwritten letter from his Senior Pen Pal.

Mrs. Jones' Grade 3 students are learning to read and write cursive. Do you remember practicing your handwriting as a kid? Connecting each letter to the next - creating the kind of elegant writing worthy of formal correspondence.

Handwriting is becoming a lost art these days. Many students across the country are failing to learn either how to write in cursive or to read it. This will not be the fate of Mrs. Jones' Grade 3 students who can already read cursive quite well and are diligently working to improve their own handwriting. 

The students open up the letters from their new Senior Pen Pals and start reading. Some students huddle together comparing their letters, while others race up to Mrs. Jones to review more tricky handwriting.

"Mine is 92!" calls out one student.

The students' new pen pals are seniors from a nearby residence. Many of these seniors are well into their 90s. They'll be exchanging letters with the Grade 3 students over the next term. This experience will allow students to practice both the art of letter writing as well as their cursive penmanship.

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