Mathematic Brilliance: Westside's Contest Winners

Mathematica Centrum National Math Contest Results

BY JANICE CUNNINGHAM, Director, Westside SuperC

Westsiders show what's possible with hard work and perseverance! 

In April of this year, after just ten weeks of preparation, twenty-three Westsiders from Grade 3 and 4 wrote the National Mathematica Centrum.  It's a tough contest!

Students must answer thirty questions in 45 minutes, and the oncepts are well beyond those required for their grade level.    

Here are some highlights from the contest:

  • Sofia Keung and Ian Yin earned public recognition on the national Honor Rolls. 

  • Over half of Westside’s competitors earned Certificates of Distinction. 

  • Both of Westside’s teams exceeded the national average!

    • The Grade 3 team scored 16.6, beating the national average by 22%.

    • The Grade 4 team scored 16, beating the national average by a half point.

First place within our school went to Sophia Keung and Ian Yin. These two Westsiders also earned public Honor Roll recognition by ranking in the top 5% of all participants nation-wide!

  • Sofia scored 22 (73%) placing her in the top 317 students out of 6,855 

  • Ian scored 25 (83%) placing him in the top 520 students out of 11,628.

Another thirteen Westsiders earned Certificates of Distinction for exceeding the national average score. Westside will be recognizing all these achievements at the closing ceremonies on June 26.  


Demonstrating Perseverance and Hard Work

After week two, the students did their first practice exam and many discovered just how tough it would be to get even half the questions right!  Yet they kept working on their exercises. They kept taking the practice tests. It was more than a pleasure to watch them demonstrate growth in qualities these contests help nurture beyond math skills: 

  • The ability to work under pressure

  • Perseverance and a commitment to working hard

  • The courage and capacity to push one's limits

Thank you Math Athletes for being an inspiration and showing us what can be done with hard work, commitment and courage!

Thank you Dr. Mousavi for all you did to help our students prepare.   


Grade 3 Team  

  • Aydin Asna-Ashari

  • Chloe Pang

  • Emily McCarthy

  • Gabriella Mendez

  • Klara Novakovaj   

  • Loius-Oscar Holowaychuck

  • Marcus Blackmore

  • Peter Alavidze

  • Sophia Keung   *HONOR ROLL

Grade 4 Team  

  • Arianne Casey

  • Ben Darbar

  • Harvey Yang

  • Hisa Kawai

  • Ian Yin  *HONOR ROLL

  • Jacob Billard

  • Kishi Marina

  • Lily Couper

  • Maddy Ashbee

  • Miuccia Yang

  • Naia Sanghera

  • Nicole Javadyan 

  • Nicole Ng

  • Viola Abley