Middle Years Program

An End to Complaining About Math

"Why are we studying this?"
"We're never going to need math."
"When am I ever going to use this!?"

These are just a few typical moans and groans that can make an appearance when students reach Grade 8 Math. 

And this is where Desmos comes in.

Interaction, animation, and delight are not things that usually come to mind when thinking about math. However, Mrs. El Banna is bringing exactly that to her Grade 8 and 9 math classes.

The Robot Queens

First, it started out as a little car. 

It was a bit delicate, but at least it could do turns. Then something went wrong. The little car was mysteriously dismantled. And the Robot Queens had to start all over again.

Madeline, Claire, and Sabine are The Robot Queens. 

They're three girls in Grade 6 who've been teaching themselves robotics with the help of three kits that were given to Westside back in December. These robotics kits had a fatal flaw: they were missing instructions.

This might have been for the best. Because without instructions you're free to make whatever you want.