Westside STEM Fair

From Sticky Sand to Marble Races, Grade 3 & 4 Amaze!

The Grade 3 and 4 classes were tasked with a unique and challenging project: create interactive STEM activities for their fellow students in the FYP, and then present them. They succeeded beautifully in this year's STEM Fair, produced by the incredible duo of Mrs. Jones and Ms. Munro.

The students' projects ranged from blindfolded engineering and a marble maze to building with sticky sand and magnet races. The broad spectrum of creativity and design on display was impressive. 

The STEM Fair day began and ended with a gathering in the Learning Commons, first to discuss STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) and then to do a virtual activity where students had to ask 20 questions to another school that was streamed in live. Both schools were trying to determine through design-thinking where the other was located. Students were fascinated by this activity! 

The Grade 3s and 4s demonstrated their leadership and teamwork skills throughout the day as they presented their projects, ensured everyone was participating and following the guidelines, and shared their duties as facilitators with their project team members. 

They even encouraged participants in K to 2 to use the school values while doing the activities. "Remember to use teamwork for this!" instructed one student to her group of sticky-sand builders.  

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The School Musical

Creativity, Vision, and Outstanding Teamwork

This past year was the second time Westside students have had the opportunity to experience bringing a musical to life.The two performances were a culmination of hours of rehearsal and preparation. Thanks to all the incredible work of Ms. Russell and Mr. Grant, as well as Mrs. Park who organized the logistics of the event and Mr. Shim who ran the soundboard - making sure everyone could be heard - the event went off without a hitch. 

It was wonderful to see the students bring so much joy to the audience and to watch the grades come together to make the event possible. Volunteers from the Miniversity ran the doors like old pros, Middle Years students were both orchestra and choir, and the Foundation Years students brought their singing voices and vibrant energy as a choir and chorus line.

One of Westside's constant goals is to achieve happy excellence. This was on display in full colour for both shows as the students filled the Miniversity with so much joy! 

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The Power of Positive Affirmations in Grade 3

Of all the colourful pieces of art on Ms. Munro's wall, the line of white paper envelopes is the most intriguing. It looks like a small post office. But inside the envelopes are powerful words. Words of affirmation.  

The words we use to talk to each other, to ourselves, and about ourselves and others all matter. These words create a culture that can be positive, life-affirming and transformational. Or these words can create a culture of fear, silence, and loneliness.