Music Program

The School Musical

Creativity, Vision, and Outstanding Teamwork

This past year was the second time Westside students have had the opportunity to experience bringing a musical to life.The two performances were a culmination of hours of rehearsal and preparation. Thanks to all the incredible work of Ms. Russell and Mr. Grant, as well as Mrs. Park who organized the logistics of the event and Mr. Shim who ran the soundboard - making sure everyone could be heard - the event went off without a hitch. 

It was wonderful to see the students bring so much joy to the audience and to watch the grades come together to make the event possible. Volunteers from the Miniversity ran the doors like old pros, Middle Years students were both orchestra and choir, and the Foundation Years students brought their singing voices and vibrant energy as a choir and chorus line.

One of Westside's constant goals is to achieve happy excellence. This was on display in full colour for both shows as the students filled the Miniversity with so much joy! 

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