Leadership & Staff

Leadership Team

Chief Executive Officer, The Westside Preparatory Society
Amanda Da Silva

Head of School, The Westside Schools
Galyna Volyanska

Director of Admissions
James Mackay

Junior School Principal
Alison Boomer

Senior School Principal
Douglas Tam

International Principal
Christie Berkey

Dean of International Students
Anne O’Halloran


Office Manager
Avigail Viernes

Brooke Taylor

Associate Registrar
Marla Sellyn

Financial Controller
Elizah Umahag

Finance Assistant
Susan Chen

Finance Assistant
Abhay Sharma

Communications Officer
Colette Nichol

IT Manager
Roberto Filho

Manager of Operations
Jay Shim

University Counselling
Nicole Wu

Director of Super Curriculum
Janice Cunningham

Executive Assistant to Chairman & Board of Directors
Naomi Park

Administrative Assistant
Kerrin Viernes

Miniversity Facilitator
Kathleen Gastrock

Foundation Years Reception
Diana Garcia
Angela Thibeault

Middle Years Reception
Kimberly Gastrock

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