Westside SuperC 

The After-School Program Your
Children Will Love

Before & After-school Programs

Westside provides before-school care and an after-school program.
The after-school program, known in-house as SuperC, offers three streams of after-school clubs and activities. These streams are designed for Kindergarten, Grade 1-3, and Grade 4-7.

The combination of the before-school care and afternoon SuperC helps busy parents manage their day-to-day lives with more ease. You don’t have to find (and pay for) another after-school program.

Students love the SuperC activities so much that they don’t want to be the first to get picked up at the end of the day. They’re happy engaging with friends and other students in the activities they’ve chosen.

The morning program is not part of SuperC. It’s before-school care where students engage in quiet activities before the regular school day begins.

7:30 am to 8:15 am

3:45 pm to 5:45 pm


The SuperC program is a complementary program. The only extra cost is a $35 registration fee paid twice yearly - once in the fall, and once in January.

Content & CLUBS

The morning program concentrates on numeracy and literacy. While the afternoon SuperC offers a wide range of programs and clubs. The clubs change every year and every semester based on demand and the availability of club leaders. Below are a few of the offerings we’ve had in the past year plus a few new ones coming this fall:

  • Creativity Through Art and Design

  • Engineering Quest

  • Lego Challenge

  • Drama

  • Run Club

  • STEM Study Club

  • Math Contest Preparation

  • Chess Club

  • Stop Motion Animation

  • Science Experiment

  • Chef’s Kitchen

  • Spanish

  • Mandarin

  • Musical Theatre

  • Robotics (New for Grades 4-7)

  • Digital Design through Adobe Creative Cloud (New)

During this time, students are also able to engage with a teacher in Study Hall and receive extra help, complete their day’s assignments, or read quietly.