Westside’s Faculty

Dedicated & Passionate Teachers

Westside’s Faculty are the heart and soul of the school.

They are a group of dedicated and passionate teachers who care deeply about their students’ success.

To be a teacher is a vocation - not simply a job. Westside’s teachers go the extra mile to make sure classes are engaging and every student is given the attention they need to thrive.

We take great care in the selection of our faculty, and we support them as they strive for continuous improvement.

The Westside Schools

Head of School: Galyna Volyanska
Chief Executive Officer: Amanda Da Silva
Junior School Principal: Alison Boomer (Foundation & Middle Years)
Senior School Principal: Douglas Tam (Pre-Miniversity & Miniversity)
International Principal: Christie Berkey
Dean of International Students: Anne O’Halloran
Admissions Director: James Mackay

The Foundation Years Program: K-3

Junior School Principal: Alison Boomer
Foundation Years Team Leader: Rebecca O’Connor

Sarah Carscadden
Torrie Fischer 
Irene O’Leary 

Grade 1
Katie Lacey 
Rebecca O’Connor 
Melissa Rigatti 
Kylie Fisher

Grade 2
Giuliana Baracco
Hai Ree Moon
Julia Wellman 

Grade 3
Sveta Jones 
Stephanie Munro 
Shanna Marchuk

French - K to 3
Elena Penta

PE - K to 2
Kristy Watson (K to 2)
Danny Craven (Gr. 3)

Performing Arts - K to 3
Amanda Russell

The Middle Years Program: 4-7

Junior School Principal: Alison Boomer
Middle Years Team Leader: Jacqueline McCallister

Grade 4 Homeroom
Esther Kim
Lydia Filson

Grade 5 Homeroom
Alexandra Watson
Tiffanie Rolo

Grade 6 Homeroom
Dr. Amrit Mangat
Tara Bux
Kaycie Hebert

Grade 7 Homeroom
Carola Schaub
Jaipreet Brar

Linna Song

Daniel Laufer  

Educational Technology
Ashley Bayles

Grant Freeman

PE & Experiential Ed
Danny Craven
Kristy Watson
Maria Moran

Thomas Ndedi

English 6-7
Carola Schaub
Kaycie Hebert

Math 6-7
Dr. Amrit Mangat
Jacqueline McCallister

Science 6-7
Jacqueline McCallister
Tara Bux

Social Studies 6-7
Jaipreet Brar
Kaycie Hebert

Senior School: Pre-Miniversity & Miniversity 8-12

Senior School Principal: Douglas Tam 

Language Arts
Jolynn Boudreau 
Dr. Sean Callaghan 

Science, Math, Technology
Michael Debertin 
Nicolaas Rupprecht 
Ashley Bayles
Le Truong
Ciara Ni Chairbre
Olexandr Skyba
Evgeny Tuev

University Prep
Matthew Robson

Elena Puzikova

Kieran Forry 
Kelly Reynolds
Sean O’Brien

Zoya Lykova

Maria Moran

China Liaison
Johnny Li 

Evan O’Donnell

Basketball Program
James Blake

KEY Program

Director of Key Program: Alison Little
Counselor: Keely Wallace
ABA Specialist: Mimi Zhang
Middle Years Team Leader: Elise Hollaar
Senior School Team Leader: Evan O’Donnell
Foundation Years KEY Teacher: Kylie Fisher
Middle Years KEY Teacher: Tara Bux, Kaycie Hebert, Jaipreet Brar
Middle Years KEY Assistant: Jana Bartonova

International Division

Onur Huner
Aine Geoghegan
Neha Shivhare

Department Heads

English Department: Jolynn Boudreau & Dr. Sean Callaghan
Socials Department: Kieran Forry
Science Department: Michael Debertin
Mathematics Department: Douglas Tam
French Department: Elena Puzikova
Physical Education Department: Danny Craven

Activity Assistants for Junior School

Foundation Years: Acacia Ashton, Mary Egan, Chris Delahunty (PE)
Middle Years: Alvin Panoringan, Kelsey Clarke, Jana Bartonova (KEY), Brandon Nguyen (PE)