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Deciding on which school is right for your children can be incredibly difficult. There are so many options, all with their own set of pros and cons. Should you stick with public or go with an independent school or French immersion? Which option is going to provide your children with the best education and support as they grow and develop? How can you ensure your children don’t get lost in a big classroom or not given the attention they need?

The most important part of this big decision is getting to know the people who will be responsible for your children’s education every day. Although the school is responsible for ensuring your children have a customized learning experience and are given the education they need to develop their core skills, it’s always going to be a collaboration between parents and teachers. It’s important to make sure that both you and your children feel comfortable at the school and get a sense of the community that you’ll be joining.

Westside’s Admission Team would love to show you around the school, answer your questions, and share the unique aspect of each centre, so you can get a feel for what it would be like to join our incredible community.

One of the things parents love the most about this school is the quality of the people. The faculty and staff are warm and committed individuals who work every day to make sure your children get the absolute best education possible. And the families who choose Westside are dedicated, hard-working people who care deeply about giving their children the best possible future they can, starting with a joyful and meaningful education.

Click the blue button below to find Westside’s Director of Admissions’ calendar and book a time to visit.

If there isn’t a time available, fill out the Admission Enquiry Form, and a member of Westside’s team will be in touch.


Westside’s Downtown Locations

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Foundation Years Centre


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Middle Years


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